The Fishermens Heaven Field Staff program is set-up for those individuals who aren’t looking for, or feel ready for the commitment level required by our pro staff program, but who would still like to benefit from their loyal support of and its great team of flagship fishing tackle manufacturer’s. Once approved, this will give you an opportunity to set up a members only log-in status which earns you an additional automatic 5% discount on all purchases (15% off Apparel), as well as advanced “members only” previews of upcoming product launches. The only requirements are to “LIKE” us on Facebook, maintain an actively used email and utilize your member log-in whenever making any purchases, to guarantee you receive your discounts. At the field staff level, participation is controlled more by your desire than by program mandates and there are no administrative points to trackand no long-term contracted commitments. With that being said, unfortunately there are also no opportunities to make money or earn incentives other than discounts on product. However, bi-annually, we review current field staff and offer promotions to those field staff members who demonstrate loyalty and promotional efforts, to our pro-staff ranks. In addition, since we have no way of gauging your present knowledge of all our flagship manufacturers and their product lines, we offer you an opportunity to purchase a small field staff intro pack. This pack is a one-time purchase and offered at substantially lower cost than what your discount program would ever be able to match. Because of this, only one intro pack per field staff member household is available. If the Fishermens Heaven Field Staff program sounds like it is what you are looking for, then feel free to apply now by clicking below: